What Really Are Human Rights?

I think the idea of rights is confused, misinterpreted, and intentionally misunderstood by a few.
Although the motives of the United Nations were good when it adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, These rights can create a victim state of mind. A few can misuse them.
For instance, How often have you been told that it is the right of a person in free speech to defame and degrade someone else in public? I’ve heard it used in this manner too often.
The Universal Declaration on Human Rights rights is a well-meaning and well-intentioned right that many would like to incorporate into law. They are also good-hearted. However, they can be misinterpreted and misinterpreted by the less-than-well-meaning.
As stated, they can be described as Human Rights. This means that they were designed by humans and governed by humans. This means they aren’t Natural Rights. We do not come with these rights.
Natural Rights exist, and these are a right that flows out. Human Rights, on the other hand, are an inflowing right, which can lead to a victim state of mind or a look-what-you-did-to-me mentality.
The only rights you’re born with are these inherent rights of God. They include the right to be kind, the right to be kind to people, and the right to aid others. You are entitled to these rights. They happen instinctively. They occur without being aware. If we lived with these thoughts in mind, the world would become more peaceful. The great thinkers of the spirit have promoted these ideas. Animals also rely on them. They are part of the natural order of things.
There is a possibility of adding others like you have the right to defend yourself and your family, friends, and groups.
However, this cannot be enforced. It is not possible to force you to show kindness. You are not forced to be kind. You are not required to help others or yourself. We then convert those Natural Rights into Human Rights, which can then be applied by law.
Therefore, when you read rights, remember that they will only be used in a manner that is compassionate and kind and an effort to assist.
If you are considerate and compassionate and behave like this in helping others, you’ll be rewarded with reciprocal rights referred to as Human Rights. However, if you’re rude or selfish, you will discover that your”rights” are continuously violated.
This it’s how all the world functions around us.

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