How to Select Your Insurance Advisor?

A life insurance policy is a must. You should also consider getting home and health insurance if your budget allows. You will be able to save yourself from any financial emergency. You need to hire the best advisors when it comes to insurance. We will walk you through five steps to find the best LIC advisors in Delhi.

1. Always choose a certified advisor

Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority must issue proper certification to your insurance advisor. This certification proves that the advisor isn’t trying to deceive you or steal your money. This agency has guidelines that ensure you are covered on all fronts. Legally, a person not certified by IRDA is not allowed to advise on insurance. He could end up in prison. Before you hire an agent, ensure that they have all the necessary certifications.


2. He must get over investment solutions

Insurance agents are more than just salespeople. They should have a good understanding of financial planning. They must be able to provide all information regarding the domestic and global financial world. Your LIC advisor must understand your financial situation and family well. He will be able to recommend the right insurance for you. It would help if you established a close friendship with your advisor before allowing him to enter your financial affairs.

3. He must be able to explain the product in detail.

An insurance advisor should have an in-depth knowledge of all insurance policies sold by their company. It is a good idea to sit down with your advisor and discuss the pros and cons of each approach. There are many policies that insurance companies sell. Some policies may not be suitable for you. After understanding your finances and family, your insurance advisor will recommend the best approach.

4. Is there a follow-up?

If they forget to contact you after purchasing the insurance policy, they are an insurance advisor who will be cheap. This is not what a competent advisor does. There may be many questions after you purchase the policy. You will be updated about your product premium and other details to get the most out of your insurance.

5. He should help you in pursuing your claim

Advisors play a crucial role in settling claims. The advisor is the only contact between the insurance provider, policyholder, and themselves. For a successful claim, he must be familiar with all formalities. It is not worth choosing that policy if your claim is denied. An excellent advisor in insurance will be there for you when you most need them.

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