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Extend Your Online Reach, Footprints And Bank Account: This Is How

One of my students wrote to me in the last few days. She wrote, “I’m seriously occupied with academic concerns, yet I’m looking to earn some money. I am overwhelmed.”
In reality that there’s nothing wrong with studying. You’re ready to be an employee if you’re just interested in academics.

But, I advise my pupils to take the initiative and be prepared to become freelance digital nomads. It takes a while to settle in, and many believe they can have their cake and still enjoy it.
Many of the most influential and wealthy individuals around the globe today didn’t go to colleges, and others did, so it’s not all about how many certificates you’ve earned but understanding the way the global economy operates in the present and how it is rapidly changing.
It’s up to you to decide which you’d like to have, whether it’s additional certificates or financial independence. But, it does not make much sense if you’re looking for certificates after the age of 45-55. How will you use the certificate(s) when you reach 60?
My advice to you while reading this article is to get started on learning how to expand your digital footprint to the size of your bank account. If you can create more impact and influence, your bank account will undoubtedly grow because your audience will be able to beat an obstacle to what you’ve made.
The age bracket that is having the most impact and producing the most wealth in the present is the one between the ages of 27 and 43. Amazon was founded back in the year 1994 (27 years ago), and the company’s founder Jeff Bezos is one of the wealthiest people in the world at present.
Nigeria’s most famous and successful entertainers currently include Davido, Burna Boy, and Whizkid and are 31, 28, and 30 years old. According to publicly-available information on the internet, Davido, Burna Boy, and Whizkid have a combined worth of $22.5 million, $17million, and $20 million each. However, King Sunny Ade, Nigeria’s music legend, is worth around $ 12 million and is aged 75. He began his music career in 1963.
The thing that Davido, Burna Boy, and Whizkid have in common with Jeff Bezos is that they all utilize the power of the web to increase their income, reach, and wealth every minute. Through the internet, Amazon reaches millions of people around the globe, and that’s the reason why Jeff Bezos has been able to accumulate so much wealth.
Utilizing the internet, social media, and technology that goes with it, Whizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, Tuface Idibia, Tiwa Savage, and Linda Ikeji have emerged as Nigeria’s most influential and wealthy influencers under 45.
Although success on the internet isn’t dependent on the age of one’s birth, those born into the digital age, Gen Y, also known as millennials, are in a unique position since they can navigate all things digital, much like fish swimming in water.
You can also make more influence, impact, and revenue by copying people who are ahead in wealth. Simply put, you need an online presence and gain the knowledge to expand your reach rapidly.
However, being “BIG” online isn’t an easy task. It is necessary to work for hours to study how the web ecosystem is working together to let entrepreneurs, entertainers, academics, medical professionals, academics teachers, freelancers, and other professionals like graphic and web creators, as well as sculptors, to name just a few, to earn mind-blowing fortunes.
For starting to get started, you must have a social media presence to be active by creating an account on at least three social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. The social media platforms you choose to use will be influenced by the objectives you’ve established for yourself. Being able to have what techies call handles for social media is only the beginning. It is also essential to learn how to publish relevant content to draw traffic.
Once you’ve created those accounts with social media and begun producing traffic, you also need to have a “place” where you can direct the traffic. This is where your website or blog is the answer. The decision of whether to start with a website or blog is also dependent on the goals you have set. In the end, you will require assistance from someone who knows how to create a website and establish a presence online for your business.
There are numerous kinds of online businesses, and each requires a distinct method of operation. It is possible to sell physical or digital items or provide a service for things as simple as making a menu to something as bizarre as teaching cats to be toilet-trained.
After you’ve completed the fundamentals, You must continue learning more about ways to improve your website’s traffic by creating and publishing content that draws interest. All in all, you’re aware of the need to establish yourself in a field in which you are an expert in order to play according to your strengths.
Like everything else in life, the only thing you require is to get started. Once you’ve started and become steady, the momentum that you’ve created will take you to places you didn’t think of, and, before you know it, you’ll be able to extend your reach and footprints, and the bank balance will begin to grow regardless of what you do.


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